St. Charles House Sold in 9 Days With Virtual Staging

St. Charles Home Sold in 9 Days for 98% of List Price “Leslie, you’re a miracle worker. If only we’d known you when we first tried to sell a year ago. Thank you so, so much”. When the frustrated seller called me at the end of August her lovely home at 606 Mockingbird Ct in the [...]

My Stager is “Strong Like Bull”

Lots of people watch the home staging and real estate shows on HGTV and come away with the rather misguided perception that a gallon of paint and a few photos set up a house to sell in a week. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the houses we sell here in Batavia [...]

Do You Have an Unusual House to Sell?

Do you have a house that you’ve been told will be “hard to sell”? Is your house or property different from most of the other houses in your area? Have you tried to sell and been told “it’s all about price, your house is so unusual that you’ll have to under-price to get a buyer?” [...]

Dear Listing Agent: Yes, I’m Serious. Are You?

“Is your buyer serious?” was the question I got from a listing agent this weekend when I called to schedule a showing. After waiting six hours for a return call, it was all I could do not to snap back “Nope, we’re not the least bit serious. I’m wasting my time and I want to [...]

Is Your Home Seductive? – Check Your Photos

Is your home alluring, compelling, even seductive? It better be in this competitive market, because these days it’s a price war and a beauty contest when your home is listed for sale. Everyone knows that 90% of all buyers start their home search on the internet and everyone should agree that lots of great photos [...]

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