Real Estate and Life

The Real Estate Industry in the Valley of Despair. Really?

Yesterday was a headachy day because I tried to reconcile the vastly different messages in posts from two people I deeply admire: Rob Hahn and Bill Lublin. Bill’s post is a personal manifesto which reflects his deep commitment to the real estate industry. In this post (and many others) Bill reminds of us the importance [...]

Today I Thought About Words

It would be much more impressive to say that  today I wrote 25 great pages of website content. Instead I’ve been staring at the computer screen for days while thinking about branding and identity and telling the story. But unlike classic writer’s block I have too many words in my head. Choosing words is difficult. Words [...]

Everybody Says “Zillow….”

You finish the sentence: “Everybody says Zillow…”. Why? Because it’s gotten noisy again about the 3rd party sites. I think it’s related to the upcoming NAR BOD meetings where the future of will be discussed. And then there’s the Zillow “Homecoming” ad that has provoked a wide range of responses, from teary gushing to [...]

Today I Had a Closing….

“Today I had a closing” is a good thing for a Realtor to say. But today, in addition to a grateful client and a nice paycheck, I got a 2×4 to the head that made me remember what business we’re in. The house we just closed is stunning  but it was harder to sell than [...]

Redfin: Swashbuckler or Dissembler?

No one likes a good press release more than I do. This press release here from the folks at Redfin claims the  the role as the industry’s swashbuckler who saves consumers money and dismisses the rest of the real estate industry as mere gifters of wine. Well…. I rather resent the implication that I only gift wine. I run [...]

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