Don’t Sign a Buyer Agency Agreement

If you’re shopping for a home in the St. Charles area, you may have been asked to sign a Buyer Agency Agreement. You’re probably wary. And I don’t blame you. You shouldn’t sign a Buyer Agency Agreement until you are sure that you have selected the very best agent to represent you. Just because someone shows [...]

No Simple Answer to “What is This House Worth?”

I spend my days (and frequently, nights) helping our clients to make good decisions. Every day we wrestle with questions that people want answered. We strive to listen very carefully and then provide all the information needed for the client to make his decision. People want to know what they “should” pay for a house. The most [...]

Think Carefully Before You Hire The 60 Second Agent

Should you hire the real estate agent who returns your call in 60 seconds or less?  If you’ve ever asked a question about a house on a real estate site like Zillow or  you may have quickly gotten a call back “This is Bill, how can I help you?”. Bill could be just the [...]

Home Buyers: 6 Things to Do to Win A Multiple Offer

For the first time in years many home buyers are finding that newly listed houses are quickly selling in a multiple offer situation but it’s important to remember that price isn’t the only thing that sellers will decide on. Just like the buyer, the seller wants a smooth transaction so they can move on to [...]

Pocket Listings: Good Idea or Bad Practice?

With the dramatic increase in home sales and rapidly declining inventory in Geneva, St. Charles and Batavia, buyers and sellers are asking about “pocket listings”.  A pocket listing  (also be called an in-house listing) can happen for several reasons: – The seller has agreed to list the house with an agent and still has some [...]

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